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Illtud W. Dafydd @IlltudDafydd
19/03/2019 21:30:27
Other ideas are to stop defensive lines coming up until the opposition’s first receiver touches the ball and attack… https://t.co/InPfQujn07
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Illtud W. Dafydd @IlltudDafydd
19/03/2019 21:30:25
Lowering tackle height to the waist and banning two-man tackle just two of eight ideas of law changes from World Ru… https://t.co/HUW89b7RQy
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Phil Steele @philsteele1
19/03/2019 10:04:15
Looking forward to this 👇 #LoveClubRugby https://t.co/oimPieWh54
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Clwb Rygbi Crymych @RygbiCrymych
19/03/2019 07:20:15
Cofiwch am hwn nos yfory // This is on tomorrow night! @philsteele1 @KenOwens1088 @__Yanto 🐂 #grandslam… https://t.co/7tGkDlH1Wl